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Need Your Opinion Please

I just found this site, and after reading some of the posts, I'm glad I did. My wife of 39 years is an alcohloic in complete denial. She doesn't work outside the home (I do) and drinks every day. In the last four days she has drank two 1.75 liters of gin and one of wine. Everyday when I come home, she is in some stage/degree of intoxication. When I choose to confront her, it always ends in an argument with her telling me that I'm trying to control her. I have no agenda there, I just want a sober wife.

My question is this; I usually have one drink each day (never more) when I get home, to unwind. Am I contributing to my wife's alcoholism?? And, to be honest with you and myself, do I have a problem with alcohol that makes me want that 'one' drink every day?

I have a saying that I like to use......"I'm not in denial...I'm just selective about the reality that I accept". Therefore, is my reality about myself well based, and am I wrong for confronting my wife?

Thanks for reading and I look forwad to your replies.
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