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Oh, you evil and devious brain...

I'm on day 12 (*****) and my withdrawal symptoms have been very mild. Not sure why, but who's complaining. So my logical, evil brain starts doing the reasoning for me. Well, if the WDs aren't that bad, then I guess I'm really not a true alcoholic. I must just be a temporarily out of control drinker that just let the drinking get out of hand. Since I'm not shaking, drooling and vomiting, I'm not an alcoholic, I just enjoy drinking. Wow. I feel much better about myself. I'm sure I can come up with a plan that allows me to control my alcoholic intake.

Message to brain. What the F**K are you doing? Did you forget the 15 other times that you quit and then convinced yourself that you could start again and control it? Are you saying that I should keep drinking and drinking and drinking until my addiction is so bad that I do shake and vomit and drool when I stop??? Oh no you don't evil brain. I'm not falling for that again!

Day 12. *****! Thanks SD for all the help. You all Rock!
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