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Dallas, Listen closely to what Keith said. You drink because you're an alcoholic. Like you, I had long gone past the point where I enjoyed drinking. I have no fond memories of drinking. My drinking had turned into a nightmare. It had stopped being fun long before I stopped.

You said you tried AA for real 5 years ago. You don't "try" AA, you do AA. You don't download the Big Book and study the steps. You do the steps. This is not a game that you play, it's a life that you lead. Get back to AA. And don't worry about the white chips. I've got more than a can of Pringles. And this time find a sponsor that has what you want and won't take your b.s. And when you go to meetings, listen. I've never been to one where I didn't hear something that's helped me. And like Keith and a lot of others, I've never finished doing the steps. They're part of my life and that's how I stay sober.

You'll find a lot of advice and support here. But you've been given the answer. The help you need is in AA. Stop the pity party and start working on your recovery.
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