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Listening to my own advice

I've been working as a mental health counselor for almost 20 years. It always amazed me how people would finally find a solution to their problem, a way to make things better, and as soon as things got better....they would stop doing whatever it was that was making things better. For example, stopping a med that took away symptoms.
My RAH has been home 10 months, clean 3 years, although 2 of them were in prison. He counts those, I don't. I laid down very firm boundaries, especially around money, before I agreed to let him come home. Early in the discussions, he asked me how long these boundaries would be in place, I told him forever...don't ask me again.!
I keep my checks locked up at work. Pain in the Butt. My husband has been doing well, no signs of use, he's working, blah blah blah. Yesterday, after forgetting to bring my bill to work to pay I think "He's been clean for 10 months, things are going good, I'm going to bring the checks home. It will be ok" DUH!!!!!!!!
Thank God I thought that through. If it's working...KEEP IT!!!!!
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