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Hey sadlion,

My mother was an alcoholic and my father rarely drank, so this disease is indiscriminate in who it affects, or destroys. I think one of the greatest assets you have right now is your understanding of the insidious nature of this beast and your recognition of it's destructive potential in your life. On the flip side, you have a great opportunity to address why you drink, which is in essence the hole we try to fill with alcohol. Over time, we seem to develop a huge abyss within us, a cavity that cannot be filled with any amount of alcohol. We can have all the supporting structures in place to hold our lives together, but our foundation is weak and that is where we are vulnerable. Sobriety gives us a chance to correct the flaws in our foundations. Coming from a family that drank, the foundation was poorly set to begin with, at least for me. Maybe you're the same, or similar. That's why it's great to learn from others here, they've helped me immensely and I'm sure if you stick around, it will help you too.
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