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The Question That Keeps on Giving...

Hands down my favorite question that I receive anywhere I go where is as follows, "Don't you get bored not drinking?"

I play in a softball league where nobody has ever seen me drink (which is good because I haven't been). However, everyone else...well...I look like I belong in the majors based on comparative motor skills by the time the game is done.

I love the question because one, it implies that life really sucks i.e. either you get drunk and relax or you suffer. Two, I walk around with an inner monologue of "bored, so damn bored." I have known a lot of these guys for a while and they mean no harm by the question but I love to give them **** about the question.

Out of curiosity, what's the best question you've ever gotten by someone who notices that you're not drinking?
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