The Question That Keeps on Giving...

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The Question That Keeps on Giving...

Hands down my favorite question that I receive anywhere I go where is as follows, "Don't you get bored not drinking?"

I play in a softball league where nobody has ever seen me drink (which is good because I haven't been). However, everyone else...well...I look like I belong in the majors based on comparative motor skills by the time the game is done.

I love the question because one, it implies that life really sucks i.e. either you get drunk and relax or you suffer. Two, I walk around with an inner monologue of "bored, so damn bored." I have known a lot of these guys for a while and they mean no harm by the question but I love to give them **** about the question.

Out of curiosity, what's the best question you've ever gotten by someone who notices that you're not drinking?
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Are you pregnant?
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If the only way you can have fun is that is sad! LOL

I am laughing here reading it! So glad that my pals are not so narrow! LOL

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I drink on occasion but when I don't drink people don't say anything. I guess cuz I ain't got no friends. Well, my dog don't talk.
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I'm getting creative with my excuses.

First I had a bronchoscopy (scope down the throat, poke a small hole in the lungs) which was actually true. So then I decided to try on some other ones for fun. It's against my religion (I'm atheist). I'm too high to drink. I'm allergic to peanut butter (I've actually had people node as though that made any sense at all).
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I really haven't had any good questions, just the question asked with varying levels of incredulity. My answers, though, are fun sometimes:

I am allergic, I break out in handcuffs. (Actually only used that once with a drunk obnoxious guy.)

I have already drunk my share.

I only drink Cristal and there isn't any here.
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