Benhilda Chanetsa

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Benhilda Chanetsa has a BA Honors degree in History and Sociology and a teaching diploma, both from the University of London. She was a high school teacher for 11 years, and chief subeditor at a weekly newspaper for four years. She’s been a freelance lifestyle writer for the past 10 years and has two nonfiction e-books published on Amazon. The books are on overcoming negative thinking and surviving abusive relationships.

A woman sits on an exam table at a facility that practices the harm reduction model of addition treatment.

The Harm Reduction Model of Addiction Treatment

By Benhilda Chanetsa

The debate continues on whether harm reduction is a viable option for those who can't stay sober, whether by choice or due to l... Continue Reading

girl covering her face

FAS can result in serious mental and physical impairment for a child. Continue Reading

woman in need of therapy

What is Multimodal Treatment?

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Multimodal Treatment is a form of addiction and mental health treatment that aims to reflect the complexities of the human cond... Continue Reading

How Effective are Addiction Interventions?

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Most addicts don't voluntarily enter addiction treatment programs. Some need a nudge from family, friends, or the court system ... Continue Reading

If you're an introvert, you might find recovery especially difficult. You may have covered up your introversion by drinking and... Continue Reading

Teens experiment with drugs

What is PreVenture in Addiction Treatment?

By Benhilda Chanetsa

PreVenture is a school-based initiative that aims to determine children who are more prone to addictive behavior and help them ... Continue Reading

dark green leafy vegetables for revitalizing the liver

Drinking too much alcohol can cause the liver to stop functioning as it should, but there are some foods that can help revitali... Continue Reading

5 Super Fruits That Will Boost Your Recovery

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Top super fruits are either not readily available or quite expensive. Luckily, further down the ranks are a few very powerful e... Continue Reading

man wearing a suit looks out the window

5 Ways to Ensure Job Security During Recovery

By Benhilda Chanetsa

How do you keep your job during recovery? It's you versus your employer—a cat and mouse game. You've got to stay ahead with the... Continue Reading

4 Ways to Simplify Your Recovery Plan

By Benhilda Chanetsa

A simplified recovery plan helps you guard against procrastination. Without one you might not get anything done. Continue Reading