Cocaine in Liquid form


There’s no cocaine in it at all, but Cocaine Energy Drink - the “legal alternative” to the illegal drug of the same name - hasn’t been lacking in controversy. Riding a free wave of negative publicity, Redux Beverages has seen demand for Cocaine growing with every protest - before this press, their marketing campaign consisted of only a website, a Myspace page and shipping a free case of Cocaine to the New York Post.

Redux has garnered its bad press from accusations of sensationalist marketing, irresponsible behavior, exploiting the young, making drug use cool and even indirectly encouraging kids to try hard drugs.

There's no cocaine in it at all, but Cocaine Energy Drink - the "legal alternative" to the illegal drug of the same name - hasn't been lacking in controversy.

However, the company clearly has no fear of the protests and complaints. In fact, they welcome them, recognizing in their market base (teens and young adults) a taste for controversy and an appreciation for things more conservative establishments disapprove of. Proclaiming their fearlessness with links to news coverage, the makers of Cocaine even call attention to a HateCocaine campaign devoted to stopping distribution of the drink.

There may not be any illegal cocaine in Cocaine Energy Drink, but there is caffeine - a lot of it, in fact. This is just another reason why many parents and politicians are not a fan of the product. Redux boasts that only espresso contains more caffeine, gram per gram; the only thing that truly comes close is a Starbucks Grande coffee.

Cocaine is 350 percent stronger than Red Bull, claims Redux, providing a hard energy kick without the sugar crash. Aside from caffeine, it contains taurine (an amino acid), guarana (a South American seed and source of caffeine), dextrose (a simple sugar), quantities of vitamins C, B6 and B12, and Inositol.

Cocaine’s celebrity endorser comes from a world as hard-hitting and controversial as the drink - heavy metal, more specifically drummer Raymond Herrera if the band Fear Factory. The company’s website also features pictures of people “on Cocaine”, including security guards and party-goers.

Although Redux’s marketing investment has been remarkably small, the energy drink business is not one that puts a lot of cash into advertising. Instead, the industry tends to rely on word of mouth to spur sales in clubs and convenience stores, and to increase online orders. For Cocaine, word of mouth has spread faster than the drink itself. So far Cocaine Energy Drink is only available in select locations in New York and California, but online ordering is geared to ramp up soon. Redux also has its sights set on international markets, where demand for Cocaine is already in the forefront.

Amber Lynne is a fitness obsessed woman. With her training for triathlons and working two jobs, she's always looking for a pick me up. When she is not busy out racing her bike past cars, she writes for an informative site about Energy Drink including names like Red Bull Energy Drink and Cocaine Energy Drink.

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