5 Things You Definitely Won't Miss About Drinking


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Recovery is a big deal. In fact, being unshackled from the chains of addiction will leave you with an endless list of things worth celebrating. Now that you’re sober and free, we'd like to help you take a short moment to look at 5 simple reasons to be glad you’re no longer a slave to booze.

1. Hangovers.

One thing’s for sure: you won't miss the hangovers. Remember the mornings you woke up and the entire day was ruined because you felt so terrible? Remember the headaches? What about the nausea? During those times, even a cup of coffee upon waking up didn't taste good. No, never again. You won't miss those hangovers anymore because you won't get drunk anymore.

If you start to think about drinking, look back and remember these not-so-great things it has put your through in life.

2. Wasted money.

The chances are that you spent a good deal of money financing your drinking habit and we all know drinks can get quite expensive. Think of those nights when you were only planning to drink one or two drinks, but wound up racking up to five or six with a bill of $40 to $60. Now that you don't drink anymore, you'll be able to save more money and feel better at the same time.

3. Saying or doing things you regret.

How many times did you say or do things you later regretted while you were intoxicated? Maybe you flirted with your married co-worker or drove while under the influence. Or maybe you drunk called or texted your ex stating many things you wish you hadn't. You may have even gotten arrested. We all know that alcohol can prompt us to release our inhibitions and do some pretty crazy things, so now you’re just happy to wake up knowing you haven’t done anything embarrassing the night before.

4. Feeling bad about yourself.

Many men and women in recovery state that they don't miss waking up feeling bad about themselves for having yet another drunken night. They may have had good intentions for staying sober, but then a bad day would come or a stressful week and they would reach for the bottle for some relief. Soon after, they just feel worse about themselves. Now that you are committed to sobriety, you won't miss feeling this way due to drinking.

5. Obsessing about drinking.

Many recovering alcoholics spent a great deal of their time and energy obsessing about drinking. If they weren't actually drinking, they were constantly thinking about the next time they could let loose and party or sit and have a few. Now that you're sober, you can spend your mental energy and time on more constructive things, such as spending quality time with family and friends.

These are just some of the many things you can feel thankful for after you quit. After all, alcohol does not bring benefits to most people. It can even get addictive, so what starts out as a social drinking habit can easily—with the right factors— turn into a nasty addiction. Now that you’re sober and you’ve gotten your drinking under control, be thankful for all the ways alcohol can’t affect your life anymore.

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