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woman prays as birds fly

Celebrate Recovery: A Personal Story

By Heather Adams

One writer shares her personal experience with Celebrate Recovery. Continue Reading

Woman looks back

How I Broke Free From My Love Addiction

By Dominica Applegate

One writer shares the highs and lows of her life as a recovered codependent and how you, too, can find the strength to rebuild ... Continue Reading

child clings to adult

My Story as an Adult Child of an Addict and How I Finally Chose Life

By Toshia Humphries

"My saving grace was a choice. By choosing myself, I not only dodged a bullet—I put down the gun. The gun that my dysfunctional... Continue Reading

a single rose in a cup

My Not-So-Typical 5 Stages of Grief

By Cassandra Huerta

Dealing with the death of a friend from your past life may not always take you down the Kübler-Ross model of grief. A writer sh... Continue Reading

Toshia Humphries headshot

Recovery Hero of the Week: Toshia Humphries

"The anxiety was so bad, I was willing to do whatever it took. Additionally, I was in a horribly dysfunctional and abusive rela... Continue Reading

Sheldon Hill at the Voice Awards

Recovery Hero of the Week:
Sheldon Hill

"Once the mental illness was taken care of and we addressed it, I was then able to stabilize and move forward and regain some v... Continue Reading