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Woman gets sober during pregnancy

The Day I Found Out I Was Pregnant

By Lisa OBrien

One writer shares how her life took a sudden turn from being a substance addicted "party girl" to an expectant mother in recovery. Continue Reading

This is What Alcoholism is Really Like

By Tess Chedsey

One writer describes her experience juggling being the breadwinner of the family and her secret life as a functioning alcoholic. Continue Reading

woman looks out the window

Watching My Father From One Side of the Window

By Lisa OBrien

When faced with the chance to reconnect with the alcoholic father whom she loved dearly, this writer found a pathway to heal fr... Continue Reading

woman prays as birds fly

Celebrate Recovery: A Personal Story

By Heather Adams

One writer shares her personal experience with Celebrate Recovery. Continue Reading

Toshia Humphries headshot

Recovery Hero of the Week: Toshia Humphries

"The anxiety was so bad, I was willing to do whatever it took. Additionally, I was in a horribly dysfunctional and abusive rela... Continue Reading

Sheldon Hill at the Voice Awards

Recovery Hero of the Week:
Sheldon Hill

"Once the mental illness was taken care of and we addressed it, I was then able to stabilize and move forward and regain some v... Continue Reading