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A Death Other Than Dying: From a Mother’s Point of View

By Colleen Marlett

For someone who loves an addict, there are other deaths we grieve a thousand times over besides a physical one. Continue Reading

Man beyond addiction

Why I’m More than My Addiction Story

By Joanne Chu

As addicts, our perception and persecution of ourselves is far worse than anyone else could lay on us. Continue Reading

Happy to Be Alive: How I Survived Trauma and Addiction

By Emma Burns

If my experiences make a difference to even one person, all of the pain and triumphs of my recovery journey will be rewarding f... Continue Reading

girl lying over open diary with roses

My Collection of Love Letters to Addiction

By Lisa OBrien

One writer tells us the story of her addiction and recovery through a series of letters addressed to alcohol. Continue Reading

Toshia Humphries headshot

Recovery Hero of the Week: Toshia Humphries

"The anxiety was so bad, I was willing to do whatever it took. Additionally, I was in a horribly dysfunctional and abusive rela... Continue Reading

Sheldon Hill at the Voice Awards

Recovery Hero of the Week:
Sheldon Hill

"Once the mental illness was taken care of and we addressed it, I was then able to stabilize and move forward and regain some v... Continue Reading