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Kids & Drugs

teenage boy searching for his indentity

5 Ways to Better Connect with Your Teen

By Colleen Marlett

No matter how well adjusted we think we are as parents or how "unlike" our parents we are, the truth is our kids don't usually ... Continue Reading

Teen confides in adult

The Most Important Resources for Teens

If you’re a teen or young adult struggling with drug or alcohol abuse issues, depression, or other types of hardship, know that... Continue Reading

5 Arguments Teens Use for Smoking Weed That Are Totally False

By Joanne Chu

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a teen about smoking marijuana, you know just how skilled they are in crafting arguments... Continue Reading

Lonely child of addict experiences emotional neglect

The Invisible Ones: Children of Addicts

By Toshia Humphries

While recovering parents have opportunities to share their stories and experiences in the treatment process, children of recove... Continue Reading

Mother and daughter quarrel

Signs That Signify Your Teen Might Be Using

By Elizabeth Seward

If you’re a parent of a teen (or even a pre-teen), keep your eyes vigilantly peeled for the following red flags. Any one of the... Continue Reading

silhouette of a child bent over backwards

Loving Your Kids to Death: The Hard Truth About Parenting in Addiction

By Toshia Humphries

Parenting is a challenge regardless of circumstance. However, when your kid is an addict, the parent role can become a confusin... Continue Reading

6 Ways to Cope With Your Child’s Addiction

By Elizabeth Seward

Your emotions will likely be all over the place when you learn your child is struggling with addiction, but there are still thi... Continue Reading

How to Get Your Teen into Treatment

By Dominica Applegate

If your teen is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, here are certain things you must consider in order to get him or her... Continue Reading

bullied child crying

Bullying and Substance Abuse: What We Can Do

By M. Lujan

We can prevent children from experiencing the scarring mental and long-lasting emotional problems that come with bullying if we... Continue Reading

A Safe Haven to Recover in College

By Joanne Chu

Organizations like The Haven at College make sobriety both fun and easy on campus. Continue Reading

student with laptop in front of chalkboard

How to Be Sober and Strong in College

By Elizabeth Seward

Unfortunately, binge drinking every weekend have become part of college culture—but it doesn't have to be the default way. Here... Continue Reading

3 Questions to Help Gauge Your Trust in Another Parent

By Elizabeth Seward

Leaving your child to another adult’s supervision may be uncomfortable, but spending some time with the individual can help eas... Continue Reading

Why Being a Helicopter Parent Does Not Help Addiction

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Hovering over your child's activities 24/7 may actually be inducing or maintaining their drug and alcohol abuse. Learn to loose... Continue Reading

group of young friends cheering with beer

Top 10 Alcohol Brands Consumed By Youth

By Audrey Beim

A Youth Alcohol Brand Survey reveals that underage drinkers are more likely to reach for these alcoholic beverages. Continue Reading

Alcohol Marketing and Its Impact on Underage Drinking

By Audrey Beim

More and more alcohol companies are catering to adolescent trends in their marketing strategy and the effects are clear. Continue Reading