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Signs of Addiction

Distinguishing someone with addictive personality

How to Spot an Addictive Personality

By Addiction Helper

It is important for those who are beginning to realize they require help and concerned family members to learn what they can ab... Continue Reading

Woman rationalizes her addiction

6 Common Ways People Rationalize Addiction

By Audrey Beim

Rationalizing is something most of us do every day. In terms of addiction, however, rationalization can have serious or possibl... Continue Reading

Female alcoholic drinks alcohol

STUDY: We All Have Addiction-Like Tendencies

By Nina Bradshaw

In an August 2016 article, psychology professor Brian Anderson asserts that everyone, to some extent, is wired for addiction. Continue Reading

Man hides hides his alcohol problem

5 Subtle Signs That You Might Have a Drinking Problem

By Nina Bradshaw

Checking off most of these signs means you have to think very carefully about the reasons why you work so hard to hide your dri... Continue Reading

Man hesitates to call for addiction help

Why Seeking Treatment is the First Big Obstacle

By Toshia Humphries

The reality is that entering treatment can easily cause a great deal of anxiety, fear and confusion. Continue Reading

Woman in active addiction stares into a fiery night sky

What It Feels Like to Be an Addict

By Kasey Cook

No one wants to feel like they are out of control of their own lives and, unfortunately, unless you are an addict or a recoveri... Continue Reading

Older man sitting on a log deep in thought

What If Addiction is Your Wake-Up Call?

By Dominica Applegate

Recognizing what your innermost self is trying to tell you can give you the opportunity to finally stop running away so you can... Continue Reading

Are You a Stress Addict?

By Dominica Applegate

Chronic stress is at an all-time high in the U.S., but people may be getting addicted to it. Find out the importance of taking ... Continue Reading

Addiction Switching: A Personal Account

By Robin Bright

One writer shares how she's uncovered the root issues in her life and is finding freedom through it. Continue Reading

Substance Abuse in the Creative World: Its Cycle and Misconceptions

Research suggests that while there are artists who use substances as a creative tool, some may actually be trying to escape ser... Continue Reading

man thinking with illustration of wheels turning

5 Thought Patterns That Can Easily Lead to a Relapse

By Dominica Applegate

If you're not carefully monitoring your thought patterns, you can end up relapsing due to addictive thought patterns that fuel ... Continue Reading

Gambling Addiction: A Real Disorder

By Tess Chedsey

The consequences of this impulse-control disorder can be very serious. Continue Reading

mom and daughter laughing on the grass

Will Your Child Be An Addict Too?

By Elizabeth Seward

A question every parent with a history of addiction may ask. Continue Reading

highlighted addiction text

Is Addiction a Disease?

By Rudolph Hatfield

According to many treatment professionals addictions are brain diseases. But are they really? Continue Reading

How to Approach the Topic of Drugs at Every Stage of Your Child's Life

By age 13, roughly 8.1% of kids have tried marijuana, and 20.5% have tried alcohol or some other drug. Learn how to start the c... Continue Reading