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Drug Abuse Information

3 Substances That Kill Your Skin (Images)

Skin damage isn't usually a deterrent from substance abuse but these pictures may make you think twice. Continue Reading

illustrated marijuana background

The Truth Behind Synthetic Marijuana

Uncovering the facts on this dangerously misconstrued drug. Continue Reading

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Age & Addiction: Trends, Statistics & More

Uncovering the relationship between age and the effects of addiction. Continue Reading

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STUDY: Meth and the Adolescent Brain

How does this drug affect the brain of teenage users differently than the adult? We investigate. Continue Reading

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How Cocaine Destroys the Brain

The media doesn't glamorize this information much. Continue Reading

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The Adolescent Brain on Drugs

The most formative years in life may also the most vulnerable to the effects of substance abuse. Continue Reading

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5 Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

Once thought to be safe, we now know that e-cigarettes carry a number of health risks. Here are a few to consider before lighti... Continue Reading

psychedelic drug effects

Ibogaine: Treatment Tool or Dangerous Psychedelic?

Is Ibogaine the wonder drug that cures severe addiction or another dangerous substance that can lead to other serious problems?... Continue Reading

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Top 5 Misconceptions of Using Drugs and Alcohol

The allure of drugs and alcohol is strong, but addicts know all too well that what they found so enticing in the beginning is n... Continue Reading

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What Drugs Do to the Brain

A look at the mental and physical effects of drugs on the human brain. Continue Reading

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Medical Marijuana: How Different Consumption Methods Affect Your Health

Are you unsure of the difference between the various ways to consume medical marijuana? Read on for clarification. Continue Reading

LSD Info, Effects, Addiction, Treatment

This article answers the questions: What is LSD, who takes it, how is it taken, and how popular is it? Continue Reading

Mushroom Info, Effects, Addiction, Treatment

Psychedelic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin, are a hallucinogenic drug. This article explores the properties of mushrooms a... Continue Reading