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Drug Abuse Information

Marijuana Maintenance: Why It Doesn't Work

This natural drug has negative effects on the healing process. Continue Reading

How Drugs are Actually Affecting Our Economy

An in-depth look into the financial realities caused by American substance abusers. Continue Reading

All About Peyote

Get the details on this hallucinogen. Continue Reading

Why Synthetic Marijuana is Lethally Toxic

Despite the alarming rise in emergency room visits, the public is seemingly still unaware of this drug's deathly consequences. Continue Reading

Just Hanging Out with Molly

The side effects and misrepresentations of this popular club drug. Continue Reading

What Happens When Prescription Medications Expire?

Know what to do once medication reaches its expiration date. Continue Reading

3 Substances That Kill Your Skin (Images)

Skin damage isn't usually a deterrent from substance abuse but these pictures may make you think twice. Continue Reading

illustrated marijuana background

The Truth Behind Synthetic Marijuana

Uncovering the facts on this dangerously misconstrued drug. Continue Reading

split image of young and old woman

Age & Addiction: Trends, Statistics & More

Uncovering the relationship between age and the effects of addiction. Continue Reading

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STUDY: Meth and the Adolescent Brain

How does this drug affect the brain of teenage users differently than the adult? We investigate. Continue Reading

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How Cocaine Destroys the Brain

The media doesn't glamorize this information much. Continue Reading

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The Adolescent Brain on Drugs

The most formative years in life may also the most vulnerable to the effects of substance abuse. Continue Reading

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cigarette smoke

5 Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

Once thought to be safe, we now know that e-cigarettes carry a number of health risks. Here are a few to consider before lighti... Continue Reading