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medical professional prepares a syringe

A Vaccine for Cocaine Abusers?

Researchers have taken an old school approach to helping those with cocaine use disorder. Learn how a developing vaccine may he... Continue Reading

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4 Drugs That Destroy the Libido

A person’s sex drive is a mysterious thing. To keep the engine going, avoid the following prescription meds. Continue Reading

Cocaine's Effect on Sexual Stamina

You might have heard that cocaine enhances sexual experiences, but the truth is that cocaine can really be a downer when it com... Continue Reading

STUDY: Cocaine-Exposed Babies Exhibit Alteration in Particular Brain Pathway

For the first time, researchers were able to point out the exact brain alteration that correlates to impulsive behavior in adul... Continue Reading

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3 Areas to Address When Treating Transgender Patients

Research suggests that these issues also need to be dealt with in order to fully help a transgender patient recover from substa... Continue Reading

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6 Widely Used ADHD Prescription Medications: Pros and Cons

ADHD prescription medications can help increase focus and concentration, but they also share a number of negative side effects.... Continue Reading

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The 7 Wildest Drug-Induced Hallucinations

These psychedelic tales blur the lines between reality and unreality. Continue Reading

Marijuana Maintenance: Why It Doesn't Work

This natural drug has negative effects on the healing process. Continue Reading

How Drugs are Actually Affecting Our Economy

An in-depth look into the financial realities caused by American substance abusers. Continue Reading

All About Peyote

Get the details on this hallucinogen. Continue Reading

Why Synthetic Marijuana is Lethally Toxic

Despite the alarming rise in emergency room visits, the public is seemingly still unaware of this drug's deathly consequences. Continue Reading

Just Hanging Out with Molly

The side effects and misrepresentations of this popular club drug. Continue Reading

What Happens When Prescription Medications Expire?

Know what to do once medication reaches its expiration date. Continue Reading

3 Substances That Kill Your Skin (Images)

Skin damage isn't usually a deterrent from substance abuse but these pictures may make you think twice. Continue Reading

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The Truth Behind Synthetic Marijuana

Uncovering the facts on this dangerously misconstrued drug. Continue Reading