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4 Reasons Why Hiring a Lawyer Can Help

Those in recovery facing legal issues can benefit from hiring a lawyer who is experienced in substance use related cases. Learn... Continue Reading

A Typical Day in Rehab: What to Expect

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5 Smart Ways to Help Finance Your Rehab Stay

Attending rehab can be pricey, but there are some things you can do in order to make financing your stay easier. Continue Reading

6 Basic Questions to Ask When Seeking a Sober Living Community

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Pet-Friendly Rehabs: Why They Can Help

There is no need to leave your beloved cat or dog at home when you attend rehab. Having your pet nearby can actually help suppo... Continue Reading

Life After Therapy: 4 Tips on How to Fly on Your Own

It’s easy to latch onto therapy as a safety net but there are also ways to move forward without it. Continue Reading

Top 5 Most Popular Triggers for Addicts

Once you reach the peak of your sobriety journey, the most difficult part begins: staying there. Continue Reading

6 Steps to Walking Away From Addiction

It's not always easy to walk away from an addiction, but it is entirely possible when you know what to do and are persistent. T... Continue Reading

How Extended Care Rehab Centers Help with Long-Term Sobriety

Learn how more time in rehabilitation allows you to establish a sturdier foundation for a sober life. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Prepare Yourself Before Entering a Faith-Based Rehab Center

Keeping these tips in mind will help shape a fulfilling recovery experience. Continue Reading

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Addiction Recovery for Women: How It Differs From Men

Women experience different things than men when it comes to addiction recovery. Continue Reading

Facing Realities as an Adult Child: It's Never Too Late

Ever have a full blown temper tantrum as an adult? Yeah, me too. It was then that I decided to do something about my emotional ... Continue Reading

Why I Stopped Attending Meetings Regularly

12-step meetings were a part of my recovery process but not everyone's experience ends the same. Continue Reading

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5 Benefits You Gain From Step One

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually find liberation by way of defeat. Continue Reading