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How to Make Healthy Friendships in Rehab

Making friends with someone in recovery can be amazing, but it can easily turn into something difficult. These 3 tips will help... Continue Reading

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The BPS Model of Addiction Explained

The BPS model rejects linear, one-dimensional approaches to addiction and prefers a multi-sector treatment approach. Learn more... Continue Reading

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4 Steps to Overcoming Pornography and Sexual Addiction

Porn and sex addiction can negatively affect people's lives and relationships. These 4 steps can help you break free. Continue Reading

Thought Stopping: A Technique to Quiet the Negative Voice in Your Head

Our inner voice can run rampant if we don't train ourselves to rein it in when it's not being helpful. Here's a step-by-step gu... Continue Reading

Online AA Meetings: Are They Worth Attending?

Non-traditional online AA meetings offer various benefits to those in recovery, but it's not for everyone. We discuss the pros ... Continue Reading

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Adult Children of Alcoholics: A Quick Overview

Adult Children of Alcoholics aims to help adults recover from the emotional trauma or neglect they experienced as children rais... Continue Reading

Individual vs. Group Therapy: What's the Best Choice for You?

Individual and group therapies can both help strengthen the process of recovery. Learn about the biggest differences between th... Continue Reading

Signs That You're Too Dependent On Your Therapist

Having a great professional bond with your therapist is important, but when you start to live your life according to his or her... Continue Reading

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How to Get Help When You're Just Too Busy

For many individuals struggling with addiction, putting life on hold so they can get help for substance abuse is simply not an ... Continue Reading

To Come Out as a Recovering Alcoholic or Not?

No matter how proud you are of your progress in recovery, it's normal to have some reservations when it comes to telling others... Continue Reading

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5 Popular Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous

If your heart simply isn’t in AA, here are a number of other alternatives in which you may find the support you need for your... Continue Reading

SMART Recovery: An Overview

SMART Recovery is a secular alternative for those looking for assistance in managing their addictive behavior. Learn more about... Continue Reading

Seeking an LGBT Rehab Center?

If you are in the LGBT community and you're struggling with addiction or alcoholism, consider attending an LGBT friendly rehab ... Continue Reading

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Local vs. Out-of-Town Rehab: What’s Best for You?

Programs near or far will both certainly help you progress towards sobriety, but location does play a significant role into how... Continue Reading