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Vivitrol’s Major Comeback: Why This Medication is Changing the War Against Opioid Addiction

In the ongoing battle against opioid addiction, a medication that once was considered a failure is getting a second chance in h... Continue Reading

Noah Levine

A Buddhist-Based Refuge for People in Recovery

Noah Levine brings a long-awaited, fresh approach to addiction, rehabilitation and recovery with Buddhism and meditation as its... Continue Reading

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5 Invaluable Lessons I Learned in a Halfway House

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An In-Depth Look at Suboxone and Naltrexone

When combined with a support program and used under the supervision of a licensed medical expert, these drugs often improve the... Continue Reading

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The Basics of Al-Anon

If you have a family member or loved one who is struggling with alcoholism right now, then an Al-Anon meeting may be helpful fo... Continue Reading

A Guide to Writing Your 4th Step

What this step really asks of the member is much deeper and thorough than anyone may realize at the outset, but with a little d... Continue Reading

Individual vs. Group Therapy: What's the Best Choice for You?

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Signs That You're Too Dependent On Your Therapist

Having a great professional bond with your therapist is important, but when you start to live your life according to his or her... Continue Reading

What You Need to Know If You're Court Ordered to Go to AA

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Self-Parenting Series: The 8-Step Procedure to Inner Conflict Resolution

Your Self-Parenting relationship is the one relationship you will have your entire life. Take the time to work with these 8 ste... Continue Reading

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5 Popular Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous

If your heart simply isn’t in AA, here are a number of other alternatives in which you may find the support you need for your... Continue Reading

SMART Recovery: An Overview

SMART Recovery is a secular alternative for those looking for assistance in managing their addictive behavior. Learn more about... Continue Reading

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5 Options for Making Rehab Treatment Affordable

Treatment programs can be extremely expensive and paying out of pocket for such programs may be an unlikely option. However, th... Continue Reading

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Local vs. Out-of-Town Rehab: What’s Best for You?

Programs near or far will both certainly help you progress towards sobriety, but location does play a significant role into how... Continue Reading