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Black Bear Lodge, located in northern Georgia, offers a transformative recovery experience amid the beauty of serene forest foothills.

Black Bear Lodge is a place of solace from the chaos that substance abuse and mental health issues can bring into a person’s life. Our program focuses on addressing all the concerns that a patient brings to treatment; we meet people where they are, developing comprehensive, individualized plans and allowing patients to create and achieve their personal goals in recovery. We partner with each person and guide him or her through an evidence-based integrated treatment process that is designed to treat core needs in a thorough, holistic way.

Therapeutic elements of our program include Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and other time-tested modalities. We also provide adventure therapy, art therapy, equine therapy and yoga alongside psychoeducational groups, family therapy, grief/loss sessions and nutrition and wellness sessions. Each patient will receive individual therapy time with a master’s level therapist and group therapy sessions that offer valuable peer support and processing time.

Our program is structured to address a person’s physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs, creating the foundation for lifelong recovery. Black Bear Lodge also provides sub-acute detox services, medication management directed by consulting physicians and intervention coordination.