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Substance abuse is a prevalent theme in movies, TV shows and more. We offer news and commentary on how the addiction recovery topic is conveyed in pop culture media.

Evan Bullet James

The Extreme Life of Evan “Bullet” James

By Joanne Chu

Despite a spotty criminal record, Bullet is still roaming where he once ruled—only this time he’s busting down doors to motel r... Continue Reading

anna faris and allison janney on mom

Laughter Through Tears: Why ‘Mom’ is More Than Just a Comedy

By Joanne Chu

We speak with Gemma Baker, co-creator of TV-sitcom "Mom," regarding the show's successful third season and the powerful role of... Continue Reading

chasing the dragon

7 Crucial Things to Take Away From ‘Chasing the Dragon’

By Rose Lockinger

The creators of this film took care to keep this film authentic, and give a real glimpse into the lives of people who have been... Continue Reading

Jessica Sula of Recovery Road

Jessica Sula of Recovery Road: ‘It’s Important to Have a Story on TV That Isn’t Just About Being an Addict’

By Joanne Chu

Freeform’s new scripted drama 'Recovery Road' gives audiences a rare opportunity to follow the ups and downs of someone living ... Continue Reading

prescription thugs

What 'Prescription Thugs' Actually Reveals About America

By Rose Lockinger

Here's a film review of Chris Bell's "Prescription Thugs," a 2016 documentary on the state of prescription drug abuse in America. Continue Reading

Basketball Diaries

5 Timeless Films About Addiction and Recovery

By Dominica Applegate

When you've got a desire to sit down with a good movie and feel inspired, here are 5 must-watch classics that may even teach yo... Continue Reading

Blake Nelson and Recovery Road book cover

Author Blake Nelson on Recovery Road and Teen Addiction

By Joanne Chu

He's written several popular young adult novels, but his most recent one to hit the small screen tells a powerful story about t... Continue Reading

'AMY' MOVIE REVIEW: A Glance in the Dark

By Nina Bradshaw

Directed by Asif Kapadia, the documentary on Amy Winehouse gives an up close and personal look at the rise and fall of a broken... Continue Reading

5 Reasons Don Draper Drinks on Mad Men

By Tess Chedsey

Everyone at Cooper Sterling Draper Price (CSDP) drinks but Don Draper drinks to the point where he endangers his business, fami... Continue Reading

9 Super Bowl Commercials with Recovery Messages

By Dominica Applegate

Think you can't get a valuable life message from a Super Bowl commercial? Think again. Continue Reading

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