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Lessons addiction has taught someone in addiction

3 Gifts My Former Drinking Habit Gave Me

By Caitlin Thiede

Take your life back, fight the good fight, and, I promise, you too will be able to count your blessings instead of your sorrows... Continue Reading

using the law of attraction during recovery

The Law of Attraction for Treating Addiction

By Dominica Applegate

The law of attraction asserts that you attract the same kind of energy you put out. Many people admit that this school of thoug... Continue Reading

5 Feelings You Have in Early Sobriety That Are Totally Normal

By Toshia Humphries

These uncomfortable experiences and feelings are totally normal in early sobriety. In fact, given the massive holistic transfor... Continue Reading

crying inner child

5 Reasons Working on Your Inner Child is Necessary for a Successful Recovery

By Toshia Humphries

Individuals in recovery must begin to address the needs of their inner child, become their own best parent and repair the relat... Continue Reading

The Powerful Role of Hypnosis in Recovery

By Tess Chedsey

While the field of hypnotherapy still lacks further scientific research, the benefits it brings to some people is reason not to... Continue Reading

Confronting oneself to create lasting change

The Best Way to Create Lasting Change Within Yourself

By Caitlin Thiede

Confronting ourselves doesn’t mean we will never have these thoughts again, but it means we will know we have power over them, ... Continue Reading

A Recovery Checklist to Ring in the New Year

By Toshia Humphries

As the year comes to a close, make it a priority to assess your recovery, patch up any holes in your plan, and strengthen yours... Continue Reading

The Dark Night of the Soul: Things to Remember When Recovery Feels Like Rock Bottom

By Toshia Humphries

Just as rock bottom becomes a catalyst for recovery, the dark night of the soul is part of our personal evolution and is nothin... Continue Reading

How to Stop Your Past From Shaping Your Future

By Caitlin Thiede

From the womb, we're taught to rely on other people. Then, if we're lucky enough, we'll receive the right guidance that teaches... Continue Reading

The Real Reason Why We Self-Sabotage

By Caitlin Thiede

By accepting events, feelings, thoughts, and people as they are, we're free from being controlled by them. It's a long journey ... Continue Reading

scary hand shadow against a wall

The Scary Truth About Being Sober

By Caitlin Thiede

One writer affirms the feeling of fear and discomfort faced by people contemplating the thought of sobriety. Continue Reading

3 Ways to Practice Gratitude: A Key Factor in Successful Recovery

By Toshia Humphries

When we focus on the positive and that for which we are grateful, we are less likely to get overwhelmed by the negative or that... Continue Reading

3 Things That Helped Me in My First Four Months of Recovery

By Christopher McSpadden

One writer shares some of the most important life adjustments he had to make during his first few months in recovery. Continue Reading

How Keeping Secrets Can Harm Your Recovery

By Dominica Applegate

If you’re in recovery from alcoholism or addiction, the inability to process the things that have occurred in your life can hur... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Stop Obsessing About Drinking

By Rebecca Kovacs

The first thing to understand is that many, many alcoholics go through this when they first enter the beginning phases of recov... Continue Reading