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Listening to the right kind of music can support your recovery journey. Read on, bookmark your favorite playlist and get inspired to stay sober and vibrant.

woman listening to music

A Playlist to Help You Beat S.A.D.

By Elizabeth Seward

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is season-based depression that most frequently occurs for sufferers during the fall and w... Continue Reading

Man relaxing with music to calm his nerves during recovery.

Alternative Rock Songs to Calm Your Nerves During Recovery

By Cassandra Huerta

When it comes to handling emotions, listening to soothing music can be an effective solution for relieving stress in addiction ... Continue Reading

A recovering addict lies on the grass, as he listens music.

A Unique Relaxing Playlist for Addiction Recovery

By Elizabeth Seward

Music has a profound impact on mood; the right kind of music can influence how you feel. Continue Reading

Chester Bennington on stage

Chester Bennington's Top Songs for Recovery

By Caitlin Thiede

Chester Bennington’s stories of pain are relative to all walks of life, but addicts found a special solace in the Linkin Park l... Continue Reading

Woman finds inspiration in recovery through music

13 Songs to Help You Stay Resilient in Recovery

Whenever you feel down or tempted to use, think about your journey and the positive aspects of your sober life. Continue Reading

rock n roll concert

5 Rock Songs with an Anti-Drug Message

By Elizabeth Seward

While there are plenty of songs out there that glamorize drug use, there are some that do just the opposite. While the effort m... Continue Reading

people dancing on a beach

Sobriety Playlist: 7 Songs That Get You High on Life

By Elizabeth Seward

These seven timeless hits are sure to leave you feeling wonderfully sober and vibrant. Continue Reading

Top 10 Recovery Songs You Should Listen To

By Toni Young

These tunes will keep you going on your recovery path--all while beating to your own drum. Continue Reading

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