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Originally Posted by JScatt View Post
Hi Tink! Glad you are getting things figured out. This comment is 100% my opinion and based on past experiences with Dr's......
I would get a second opinion on your Bipolar diagnosis, IMO sometimes Dr's, psychiatrists etc are to quick on making a diagnosis and start pumping people full of unnecessary drugs.
In my early days of sobriety I was diagnosed with everything from Bipolar to manic depression, I finally found a Dr who gave me the best advice, "sober up for a year and we'll go from there" after a year of sobriety I was living a very happy, fulfilled life without taking a single pill.
I tend to agree with you.

I had a diagnosis of anxiety, ptsd, BEFORE I ever started drinking.

I dont believe an accurate diagnosis can be made UNTIL one is off alcohol for a year.

This is an individual decision I suppose, and since everyone is different...

Whatever they give you if you feel better mentally and it helps you stop drinking its a good thing.

If you are the same or worse in three months, Id run and get another opinion
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