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So called friend was just using me for money and i'm devastated

Just wanted to share this because I didn't know anywhere else to do it. I met this girl about a month ago online. We agreed to hang out and the 1st thing I notice is she has alot of scabs over her body. Looked like she got into a fight but I didn't pay it any mind. We went to this ice cream shop and I bought her, her favorite ice cream. I was planning on moving in November and I had recently gotten alot of money back on a car accident settlement, so I saw no need to buy a car until I moved (i'm moving with my mother). For the record I never told her about the money. So she would drive me around, I notice she has a large truck. Since she made it clear she wasn't working I was baffled about how she paid for it. She asked to borrow a little money when we 1st hung out, but since I have more than enough I didn't mind. She also had to pick someone up and drop someone off, but we were getting along so I didn't mind. We went to the beach and overlooked the water together. The one thing that happened in this middle of all this is she took a pipe out and start smoking it, I thought it might be tobacco or weed, but it she told me it was crack and told me not to judge her. Being a struggling alcoholic myself I couldn't. Then while dropping me off she starts tying an ipod charger chord around her arm, I was terrified but knew what would happen. She starting putting heroin and water in a spoon and shot it up, right while she was driving. I've never been around heroin or crack before. Looks like she got the scabs from picking at her skin.

I should of stopped talking to her right then and there, but she seemed nice and I would feel bad about leaving her behind over her drug use alone. So we started hanging out regularly, sometimes we would go to restaurants or stores to look around. Found out we had alot in common, we liked the same sports team, had similar likes and we discussed everything from our childhood to our future aspirations. She told me her mother was an abusive alcoholic and her father was one too. She's been to jail and lost her children due to drugs, and was very upset with herself about. I felt bad for her, she was very nice, had this southern charm and this motherly warm vibe. One thing I noticed though, when we hung out, is that she would always get a call from someone, she would always have to pick someone up and drop them off, she would often need to borrow money for something, and she would often do drugs in the car. Ofcoarse I was terrified a cop might see us. A felony drug charge is the last thing I need. I started drinking heavily every time before I saw her just due to anxiety of us getting in trouble. Also the people she would pick up and drop off seemed shady, one guy did drugs in the back of the car. I had really bad alcohol withdrawals one day and I was bed ridden for 3 days, and for 3 days straight she begged me to hang out with her. There was one day my mom said she called like 20 times when I didn't respond. Yet I continued to hang with her because she never asked for much, and when we would go out to stores and restaurants she insisted I not spend too much on her. She didn't seem money hungry or manipulative.

These last few days seeing her has been strange. One time she picked me up and someone was in the back seat of the car, hiding. I thought I heard something back there but she didn't say anything. Suddenly her friend pops out and says hey, this was very strange, why didn't she tell me someone was there. We went to some bar and they sat and were waiting for some guy. That's when I realized this girl is doing drug deals and even possibly selling drugs. The last 2 days really made me upset. I went to meet her with intentions of going to a restaurant. She started off with the usual story about needing money. This time she was in big trouble with this guy and possibly in danger, she said she was suppose to sell some "stuff" for this guy and she did but someone she was giving a ride stole the money from her purse, now the guy wont stop calling her for his money and she is afraid of what he might do. She made it seem like this guy was looking for us, so ofcoarse I gave her the money like a fool. Again I'm wealthy so $80 is chump change. We go to the mall a little while, I buy her a slushy, but she doesn't like crowds so we leave. She then goes to pick up this guy so he can give the guy she owes the money, because she's too scared to give it to him herself. Now this is a guy she picked up before, who she says is good friends and is like family. After she picks up she parks at another apartment place, some guy gets in the back seat and talks to him and then leaves. Then she drops him off. We decide to go to the beach, but before we do she does her habit of smoking crack and then shooting up. We sit and talk and she explains to me that her roommate is actually her ex boyfriend and not to be mad, she told she was moving out this weekend. She told me I was an amazing person and that hanging out with me makes her want to stop using and leave the drug life behind. She kept on asking if I was upset. I assured her I wasn't.

This brings me to yesterday which was when everything came crashing down. We agreed to go see a movie together, like always, shortly after picking me up, she receives a phone call. I ask her if everything is okay, she replies her father is in the area. She starts of with the usual "Um...i hate to ask this but do you have like 40 on you, my father needs help with something". At 1st I told her I only had 20, but decided to give in just to see what would happen. She got back on the phone and said she would meet her father in the near by dollar general. This strikes me as strange, why not just have him park next to her and get the money. As we park in front of the dollar general, I see some guy wave at the truck and walk in dollar general. Shortly after she gets another call, her dad is there. She gets out, while she was out I notice this little stuffed animal gift I bought her was on the floor in the back. I felt a little disrespected by this. Not even 5 seconds later, the same guy who waved at the car is walking up to the truck with her. At this point i'm am beyond furious, we were suppose to see a movie and she knows i hate when she drives other people around when i'm there. I tell myself if he gets in the truck, I am done with her. And he does get in, it's a guy who she picked up a few weeks ago, who did drugs in the back of the truck. He just happened to be walking into the same store and the same exact moment she walked in to give the money to her dad. (I never saw her dad or anyone walk in). She smiles and says she picked up a stray. He request to go to food lion, another store (because I guess whatever he wanted at dollar general wasn't there). While he was in there I asked her if she knew he would be there, and she said no. I asked her where we were going after this because I didn't want to miss the movie. She says she's going to drop him off at her good friends house, also she needs to drop off a scale her good friend left because she doesn't want to get caught with it in the truck. At this moment i told her i felt sick and was going to get an uber but she insisted she take me home.

After she dropped me off, I started piecing everything together, because I knew she was lying about her dad needing money. This guy she knows just happens to walk into the store at the same time she does, and then asks her to take her to another store within 5 seconds. What I think is she was picking that guy up and then going to her "friends" house, to drop off this scale, buy drugs with the money I gave her, and she and this guy were going to use them. What else was she lying about? I looked through her facebook friends to find the name of the guy she picked up, and i'm not sure if it's the same guy, but someone with the same name has the truck she drives in his background. It looks like they were together a few months ago, so the truck belongs to her ex, who she lives with. I started to wonder what if they are still together, why would he let her drive his truck?? I think she was making up stories for needing money and using them to buy drugs. I realize not only does she use drugs, but she sells them, drives people to drugs deals and allows them to happen in her car.

At this point i'm devastated because I have no other real friends at all. I shared so much with her and even let my mother meet her. I don't think there is a person in this world would I shared so much about myself with. I really didn't care about the money, it's the idea that this friendship was false and she never cared about me. I was going to just let this all go since I was moving, but I felt so upset, mocked and betrayed that I confronted her with everything on facebook, and I blocked her and told her I no longer wanted her in my life. I wasn't brutal, but I was angry in my message. About a few hours later she creates another profile, finds me and starts telling me off, she sent alot of messages. I only read a few words from them but deleted them without reading them and told her I wouldn't read her Reponses and turned my phone off. The few words I read seemed to imply she was trying to say I was making it all up, she was definitely angry. I knew reading those messages would be like bullets hitting me. I was glad she was out my life, the drugs, the drug deals, that whole lifestyle I dislike. The person who I met though I care about deeply. I don't feel she intentionally meant to use me, although I do believe she did. I know from the looks of it I seemed stupid. But when she would ask for money it wouldn't be that much, she would always say she would try to pay me back, but she isn't working so I told her not to and it wasn't every time. Surprisingly i've been tearing up every now and again. I feel like a large piece of my stomach is missing and I feel empty, i'm having trouble sleeping. I miss my friend, I feel devastated and gutted. All the memories we had have been tarnished, yet I can't get them out of my head. Just wanted to post this here cause I was too ashamed to post this anywhere else, but was in so much pain about this I needed to post it.
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