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Grateful for good humor here, especially about the weight loss. Iím not on a diet but my cat is. He lost 1/8 of a pound last week. Woot woot!
Deserto, you seem to have a fun life!
Anaya, thanks for the topic of the veggie garden. I need to get mine going again. I was a bad plant parent last year
Thanks so much for posting that inspiration, Daisy. Love it!
Numblady, Iím really enjoying the book- Living Well Despite Adversity. I had thought it was going to be self help tips from the author. But itís actually a collection of interviews she did with people, some well known, about their own struggles with adversity. Thereís lots of different topics including raising kids with special needs (the author herself has a special needs child and is a parent coach), people living with autism or other disabilities (the Temple Grandin interview is amazing), and a chapter on addiction and finding purpose through paying it forward. In general, all of these folks are living a highly emotionally sober/intelligent life (whether or not they struggled with addiction). Anyway, thereís my book review. I struggle with being concise . Highly recommend

Grateful I have a meeting in a little while with a very difficult client. I have another all day one tomorrow with a different difficult client. These meetings stress me out but they also make me stronger professionally (and emotionally ). The one Iím seeing tomorrow, well, I used to drink before the meetings if you can believe that (2 glasses of wine in the parking lot at 9:30 am. No joke)
Grateful I donít do that anymore.
Grateful my son didnít complain too much about first full day of camp yesterday
Grateful son is also spending time doing math and reading on his own accord even though itís summer break
So grateful for all of you!
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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom - Viktor E. Frankl

If you have no other religion, make it gratitude.
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