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Glad to meet another fellow single mom, Hopeful. I hope all is well with your teenagers.

I went swimming yesterday and noticed that I have lost some weight, so things are moving in the right directions. Some mornings are more difficult than others, but all these activities are really helping.

Im about to finish my tax returns and I contacted someone to help me with the proposal to the MP.

On my way home today I went for a walk in the park and they have the annual Viking festival. I thoroughly enjoyed walking alongside the tents and talking to the people, looking at the jewellery and fur they have for sale. There was also a big viking battle (fake of course) with the old weapons and I sat down and watched with a group of people. It was so much fun and it made me think about my own ancestors who were vikings as well. It made me connect with my roots, which is good.

The vikings will be here until our Independence Day and Im going to visit them again. This evening Im going to my Coda meeting and well be meditating.

I hope you are all well and thanks for being there for me.
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