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My, BlueRose, a project for somebody in Parliament certainly sounds like a provocative project to be thinking about.

Perhaps you are somewhat concerned that the proposal wouldn't be exactly the right thing that you feel it should be. I'm also a perfectionist and am too quick to let criticism into my heart when my mind should be hearing it. If you can run your ideas past somebody who is able to give you some feedback freely and with care for you, that does help to get a good product and to learn to listen to how things can be improved.

Loneliness. How it can grip us and pull us down is something that I used to struggle with, especially when my self-esteem was very low and when I was drinking. You are sober a long time coming into this, and things are changing for you on the parenting side, so what would you advise somebody else in this area? It's hard to put ourselves out there to meet new people, at least it can be if you are naturally introverted like me. Your project might be a good place to begin in this aspect? Do you have somebody that you might go swimming with on a regular basis as a "team"?

The good thing about meeting new people is that there are a lot of them out there.
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