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Originally Posted by Snowydelrico View Post
I donít get the gambling thing either.
I can take it or leave it. But on the whole leave it.

Maybe this is how normies feel about alcohol
I think it is. When I think about it this way, I understand why many people are so unsympathetic toward alcoholics. They just can't understand why we do that to ourselves. This is why I kept going to AA meetings where people understood each other. It was a good place to be in recovery.

I had a side business one time doing sanitary reviews. People call them perk tests, because that's all they see being done, but the real work is in preparing documents submitted to the state on parcels of land that are subdivided. I was doing one on a large tract that was for sale. When I told my wife where I was going she told me that she knew where that property was, and with a tone of disgust, she told me that the owners were alcoholics.

I had to get the owner's signatures on some documents and expected a couple of drunks living in a house of disarray, so I was surprised by a lovely home with two seemingly normal people who were quite gracious and cooperative. Years later when I found my way to AA, those owners were at the meeting and were some of the old timers with years and years of sobriety under their belts, but with many people, my wife being one, they were still looked upon with a jaundiced eye.
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