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Alcohol took away my Mother. I have one photo of her that reminds me of the real her, and a bottle of perfume that is the brand she used to wear. If I open the cap, and breath in that scent, my Mother is there, it's the 1970's and she's young, loving and full of hugs and affection for me.

Alcohol then went on to take away my 30's and drive away the person who probably loved me more than anyone else had since my Mother.

So, alcohol has taken a lot.

Sobriety gave me back a different life. But it is a good life. One I never thought possible.
"So, as you go through the challenges of dating and friendship, remember: suspension of judgment, assumption of positive intent, compassion and abundance consciousness are your weapons. Use them wisely, and may life be your non-stop party."
- Dr Alex

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