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Unhappy Argh day 14/15 so hard

Hi All,

I have been heavily drinking for at least 20+ years... when I was younger it was more binge drinking, well beyond blackout. As I have gotten older i have convince myself it is more productive to drink every other night so i don't binge as much and can at least half function during the day. I own my own business and I also have 3 kids... so I guess I am now a burnt out alcoholic.

I feel like I have kept everything together with sticky tape for such a long time that I am now falling apart.

I am on day 15.... I really didn't expect it to be this hard. On day 4 I was considering going to hospital. I was tingly all over, light headed and vomiting and my heart was racing for about 10 hours it was the worst. I was ok then from day 4 to 13 (late at night). It was about 10.30pm and i started feeling like i was above. Unsure if i was going to pass out or have a heart attack. I have now felt like that all of day 14 and Im not much better today, although I don't feel tingly.

I'm struggling with massive anxiety and maybe this is my chest pain? also fatigue. My anxiety is so bad I cant leave the house.

I guess I am concerned if this is normal or if I have done damage to my body.

I know there is only sobriety left for me know... I just wasn't expecting it to be this hard.

Thanks, all advice is so welcomed.
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