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Originally Posted by MindfulMan View Post
Exactly this!

I go to Anchorage to visit my brother at Thanksgiving nearly every year. It usually snows. It's pretty. I see some moose. Then I leave.
Haha! Moose? Check. I wish I could post pictures. I have a great one of a young male that I encountered on a hike in Stanley last year. Literally about 10 feet from me...came around the corner and there he was. Scared the living shlit out of me but I remained calm and slowly went on my way. I won't hike that trail alone again!!

You remind me of how I feel about going 'on safari'. Yuck. I can see staying in a 5 star hotel, taking a Land Rover out to an animal preserve, watch a few lions chase gazelle, the high tailing it back to the pool. Lions? Check.
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