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Originally Posted by FreeOwl View Post
as the summers continue to heat up, and the waters rise, CA will gradually get consumed by the lifeless seas.....

and the power needed for all the increased AC will amp up the use of fossil fuels and further exacerbate the warming.....

and the waters will run out or become toxic and they'll come here to Michigan and pump our Great Lakes dry and stale and dead....

And the drilling and the prospecting and the energy consumption for AC will rage on at exponential pace....

And we will suddenly one day realize - all too late - how right the concerns were....

And it will become an endless summer - but not in a good way....

And we will perish..... and the earth will be just fine because the earth will persist and will survive..... but humans may not. Almost certainly will not.... at least not as we recognize humanity today.

Yeah, summer is a bummer. But crank up the AC and live for today.... we probably won't be around for all that.

OMG you sound just like me. I think I'm having a panic attack just reading your post JK. Well not really.

The oceans are also getting too there's that.

Yes the earth will continue. Homo Sapiens are an interesting animal. A freak of nature really. So willing to destroy the ground we walk on, the air we breath and the water we drink. When do you think the very rich will start building space stations? Probably already are. Oh well. I won't be on a space station.

Ah for the hunter gatherer days.....I'd be saber tooth chum for sure. Although I'm here so I must have had a bad azz ancestor somewhere in my lineage. But alas, those genes are long receded.
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