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Hello everyone!

The weather here is unbearable! I keep the chickens in the house until an hour before dark now. I turn them out, do a quick cleaning of their carriers and then they appear at the door with wings held out and beaks wide open panting. I'll be so glad when this heatwave disappears. That 80 degrees? That's the ceiling temps here in the porch room and that's with the water outside being run across the roof. The window unit in here is set on 64 and I also have a box fan on the carriers! Sick of this heat!

Poor Jethro has two/three back teeth that need repairing. One of them is hurting him badly! He went to see a dentist yesterday and walked out laughing! They want damned near $20,000.00 to fix them! Crowns, bridges, etc. And to just pull the bad one? It's damned near $350.00! Gonna look for a Dental School to see if they see patients? That's who I went to back in the 80's in S.C. to have my wisdom teeth extracted.

His knee he had surgery on back in Feb is also hurting him too. I've been telling him to call his damned doctor and make an appointment. He just gets angry and I leave him to his misery! Can't lead a horse to water and make it drink! He's stubborn as his Italian self allows him to be too! You hear me TB?

Sadly I'm still smoking! Sigh! But at least I've cut back on them! I'll get this behind me one day! Just got too much snit on my plate right now to settle down enough to deal with it. I've stopped drinking the Baileys though! I've already lost weight thanks to not drinking so much milk or the Baileys also. I really think stopping the Baileys and the thought of stopping smoking too? It was too much at once to deal with!

I talked with the debt relief group yesterday. My creditors have all been reached. Now the haggling over what they want will begin! Sigh! And due to them talking to my creditors? The phone calls and mail has doubled. I was told this would happen though. They'll try to settle for more with me than thru the debt relief group! My nerves are being stretched, but I'll deal with it one day at a time.

Everyone have a clean day!

"You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person."
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