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I am doing individual therapy for continued sobriety, but more importantly to deal with some underlying life issues and old traumas. have done outpatient (12 Step) and inpatient rehab (dual diagnosis and cognitive based), attended some SMART meetings, am in the care of a psychiatrist. I have no need for a “recovery group,” paid or otherwise. I have sober friends that utilize a variety of methods and groups, including none.

I don’t agree that 12 Step only is a good model for rehab. It would have made my inpatient stay far easier, particularly near the close, if I hadn’t had to keep trying the 12 Step approach as it was the only thing available at that facility. I gave it a go, tried to get a sponsor and work the steps...did not take. I don’t agree with exchanging the helplessness of addiction for some imagined higher power for me. I felt that 12 Step was keeping addiction close instead of allowing me to move on and do other things with my life without constant meetings, dwelling on it, etc.

I have noticed that people insist that the method that got and kept them sober is the only viable one, and that includes big book thumpers, medical solutions, and abstinence promoters.

I also don’t feel the need to buy into and stick with one approach. Parts of most sobriety programs have value.
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