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what I was trying to convey was, you can go and get detox and rehab for free in most states. They are FUNDED by the state. Thats what I did. I spent 90 days in in-patient treatment and 3 months of intensive out-patient AND 12 weeks of one-on-one therapy twice a week......ALL FREE. Have you even bothered to look INTO it???? I figured I could NEVER get help because I couldnt afford it. Then I looked into state funded programs and low-and-behold whadd-a-ya know??? So if you stop making excuses and just do the legwork, you will find there are lots of avenues open to addicts. Most addicts seeking help arent in the middle of a financial lucky streak anyways. So why would all the treatment be astronomical? Think about it. Or dont,...just DO it.

By the way,....most people working for the Dallas Cowboys make MORE than a million dollars a year......oh...and Paris Hilton is a dog and nothing more than white trailer trash with money. whew!...there...that feels better.
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