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Originally Posted by awuh1
I think folks can make good choices within that sort of context without the need for disparaging other approaches.
I was pleased that this new forum was created so that people could question some ideas about addiction and recovery that were causing them problems. When I quit for good, and said I had quit for good, I was met with much resistance. In fact, I was told it isn't possible.

The definition of disparage is to "regard or represent as being of little worth". There are some ideas that I do regard as having little worth, such as "quitting for good isn't possible" or "once an addict, always an addict". I'm not saying that people who hold those ideas are of little worth, I'm saying that in terms of me ending my addiction, those ideas have no worth.

So I think it's best to keep the most vulnerable of them in mind when we post.
I believe in everyone's capacity to quit, even if they do not yet. "I believe in your ability to succeed, no matter how bad things have gotten" , "I believe you can take control of your life" are strong statements of support that I believe are especially important for those feeling vulnerable.

Regarding Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, this subject is debated. When you say
If this phase is successfully completed there is a post acute withdrawal phase
, you say it like it's factual.

Originally Posted by awuh1
I'm all for a spirited discussion offering information about benefits of any given approach.
With that spirit in mind, I'd like for people who are struggling with conventional wisdom to know that they can indeed reject many of the ideas that are presented as truths and they can quit for good and live free of addiction. It's possible. It has happened for thousands of years.
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