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Originally Posted by StevenSlate View Post
Here's a couple of questions I like, in bold, if anyone wants to answer them.
What did you hope or expect would be better about your life after quitting your problematic substance use?

I would be back in control of my actions concerning substance use.

Self-respect from regaining this.

A more harmonious realrionship with my partner.

An end to the confusion I was beginning to feel about my behaviour concerning substance use.

An end to the obsession about drinking was developing.

Greater mental clarity.

Better physical health.

What is better about your life since you stopped using substances problematically?

I am happier and more at ease in myself.

My partner feels more loved by me.

My partner is less anxious about my possible behaviour in social situations.

Our relationship has become lighter and fun again, or at least getting there

The 'pursuit of happiness' explanation of human motivation in TFM has helped me in other areas of my life.

Another thing I learnt from TFM which spilled over into the rest of my life was a greater awareness of the over-arching importance of the beliefs I hold about muself and how I am totally free to change these. A daunting I guess but liberating truth.

I could come up with other benefits but these mean enough for me to know that I will never return, and never want to, to the way I was drinking before.

A helpful exercise
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