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Originally Posted by nitabug0107 View Post
Not allowing him back into my home, but at least making sure he's somewhere safe or that his family is able to locate him. Do I answer the phone if he calls?
do you like to listen to circus music? if you do, then answer. it will be playing softly. then the more you answer and do, the louder it will get.
hes an adult. he survived before you and wil after. if he gets help is up to him. he can get out of the underoos,put on some big boy britches, and take care of himself getiing help any day. just as it was up to me.

ive said it quite a few times here and have no problem saying it again:

the best move any women i was in a relationship with made was to toss me to the curb. i was only going to drag them down with me and there was a LOT of gloom,dispair, and agony going down.
they couldnt save me when i wouldnt save myself.

youve got no magic words,powers, or anything that can save an alcoholic. thats the same for all of us.
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