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In The Freedom Model for Addictions you will:

Uncover the cultural myths of addiction and substance use that not only keep you caught in the addiction trap but persuade family, friends, and society that you belong there forever
Learn the ugly truth behind the business of addiction treatment and how treatment actually plans for you to repeatedly fail and return
Discover how your personal belief in addiction myths can sabotage your ability to end addiction and actually increase your substance use patterns
Reject the myths of Addiction and Recovery to move past a life dedicated and dependent on the endless cycle of “relapse and recovery”
Discard labels of addict, alcoholic and defining yourself as being in recovery when you finally leave addiction and recovery in your past
Leave behind shaming, blaming, and guilt for the freedom of autonomy, free will, and your personal pursuit of happiness
Eliminate any need for 12 Step meetings, aftercare, sober living, and treatment forever
Reclaim your personal will and power to direct your own life
Apply what you’ve learned to set your goals for your life that lie outside a recovery centered existence
I found this off their website. The more I read about it, the more I like it, it seems very empowering to me. I'm going to order the book today and give it a read, if only to help further deprogram myself.
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