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Many prayers Jewelstar.

I would suggest Al-anon meetings. It might help you dealing with an alcoholic. As an recovered alcoholic, my experience was that I was still "crazy" up to 9 months into sobriety. Because an alcoholic stops drinking and goes to AA meetings, doesn't mean they will change overnight. And they might never change their attitude toward someone or something. I would suggest to you that you should work on yourself. Don't engage with your estranged husband. Set up healthy boundaries and stick to them. Take the high road and let him be nasty. He can't argue against a passive listener. You said you're heading toward a divorce, therefore be kind to him and document when he is being irrational and illogical. Actually document when he is being nice and rational. This will show the court your objectiveness and willingness to work with him. It will help you not only in legal sense but with your sanity. A mantra I remember when dealing with unreasonable people, "If you have to choose between being kind or right, be kind you will never be wrong."

Many prayers
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