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It's amazing when you tell people, even relative strangers, that you've gotten sober how supportive they are and how they are as well or they have a close relative who got sober, and how good it's been.

People who've been through it or are close to someone who has understand what an accomplishment it is.

I'm a total extrovert and don't believe in secrets, so I pretty much tell everyone. It holds me accountable and puts it out to the world that I am a sober person. Most people react more like "Congrats that you solved a difficult problem" than "You are a characterless drunk."

I think most (NOT ALL!!!) can get to the point where a sober life is such a reward in itself that cravings and temptations will minimize to the point where they can be acknowledged and let go. Even in situations where there is alcohol served, even at places where we would have enjoyed wine/beer/whatever with food.

Or not. Like driving a motorcycle, scuba diving, or any other dangerous activity, know and respect your limits.
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