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Originally Posted by YCDT View Post
I just don't understand why I am like this. Does anyone else have some actual info on why some of us can tolerate a drink or two, and others can not? Is it genetic? One of the problems I foresee with me stopping drinking is that my husband can drink and stop after one or two. I generally don't. I did today, thankfully, but 90% I get obliterated. He can't seem to understand why I don't just chose to stop at a certain point...but I don't think I understand it either.
I don't enjoy it. So, why?
YES! Someone does! I remember someone linking to this thread early on in my recovery and feeling so relieved to read it. I immediately bought the book too. The book is good and explains clearly and very thoroughly why some people can drink and others cannot. The book does get a bit laborsome at times as it is very scientific/medical and very, very detailed with a lot of references to research, etc. However, I got through it just reading small chunks at a time. (Excerpts from "Under The Influence")
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