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Originally Posted by flower959 View Post
I hate spending weekends with him. I dread Fridays because that begins the binge. I just hate who he is when he drinks. On Saturday, he plays his video games so heís not even around me. However, I know what heís doing. I can hear the multiple trips to the frig, and it disgusts me. Iíve searched multiple times for hidden alcohol but Iíve never found any. I watch the level on the vodka bottle. Sometimes, I pour some down the drain. Iíll check the trash bin for empty beer bottles. Iím not sure what I expect to accomplish by doing these things.
Your story could have been written by me there's so many similarities between our AH's. I feel the same way about weekends. Everyone else is excited to spend time with their spouses yet I'm hoping whatever we end up doing he doesn't drink too much or doesn't get too annoying because he's been drinking all day. I'm hoping he only has 12 beers instead of 20. This way of living isn't really living yet I can't seem to get off the ride. Nothing I suggest is a good idea unless alcohol is involved. But I'm like you in that I love spending time with him when he's sober. That's what keeps me there. Thanks for sharing and letting me know I'm not alone.
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