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Originally Posted by Txjeepguy View Post
As someone who's in the car business, I would stick with what you have.

15 year old Audis do not have a good reputation for reliability. I'd keep your Toyota. It's a known good reliable car.

Why not sell the Audi and pay that loan down?
Yep, that ideas on the table too. He said he's going to cover the costs of Audi repairs if they come up AND we are only planning this as a temporary solution....think 9-12 months. At that point, I'd like to get myself a Camry.

Honestly, the more I think about it....I think I'm going to head to the car dealership and just inquire about a nice used Camry and see if I can trade in my Venza. I haven't had 1 thing....not 1...wrong with my Toyota so far and I had a Highlander and few Lexus vehicles that never did me wrong over the years either.
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