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Hello everyone!

I went out to meet family from out of state last night for supper! Mom came here to go with us too! (I had to get up earlier than usual and was waxed by 2:30 AM)! Since we left the restaurant after dark we had to drive her home! (Well we offered to drive her home if it was after dark when we left the restaurant!) I followed Jethro and mom driving mom's car. We visited with her for over an hour and then came home. The little two chi's were so excited to see us they wouldn't eat! LOL Maggie Myrtle loves playing rough with me! Then she'll jump up beside me on the couch and roll over on her back to have her belly scratched.

Jethro and I have had a couple of serious talk sessions this evening! He's in a MOOD now! First one was about his daughter and the 2nd one was about his weight! NEVER subjects he's happy discussing! Oh well! His daughter is trying to talk him into coming up to her town for every reason she can think of! Jethro brought up the subject about getting a teeter hangup and I told him if he'd lose that belly first he probably wouldn't need the teeter hangup! And that large belly would suffocate him when he turned himself upside down with it falling onto his chest. He got a little angry when I was talking about being careful where his daughter was concerned. She is on the prowl to pull him into her grips away from ME! I mean! Good luck with that, but I don't like her games! The two months she lived with us after turning 18 proved to me she was a little go getter where men were concerned! Including her DADDY! ARGH! Thankfully Jethro really didn't give a damn about her little flirting ways! It made me uneasy as hell though!

I've started watching the new show: "Live to tell"! It's about soldiers! I thought about my Dad's story from when he was in the Navy! I'll share some of it with y'all!

He was on a ship asleep. His shift at midnight came up and he was woke up to cover it. While standing at the helm steering the ship he hit a floating mine! It was dark and he never saw it! The mine blew out the compartment where he would have been asleep just hours before! Killing many a sailor! He was so ate up with guilt for hitting that mine he began to drink! And that's how he became an alcoholic! He never talked to me about this guilt until I did the recordings of his stories the month before he passed. The names were called out over the air and his parents heard his name called as being one of the sailors that was killed because they misspelled one of the sailor's names back then. When Dad came walking up the driveway to his parent's home they were shocked to see him. So as you've read? If he'd still been asleep in that sleeping compartment? I would never have been born.

Everyone have a clean day!

"You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person."
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