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From what I've learned here, you probably know, it can take months and years to recover from long term alcohol and/or drug use.

The information is out there, but it is not openly out there. Pretty much have to ask the question, now online (thank god). In my case, I was deep in the rabbit hole before I decided to ask.

From my experience, after 8 months, it is all mental.

I still can't jog 3 miles straight, but I can alternate jog, walk, run over 3 miles (40 min total). I haven't fallen over from any physical issues yet.

But, I still have anxiety. It peaks when driving or walking at night. My pulse rate increases, I sense my breath rate, I become hyper aware. Fight or flight.

Thank God it has gradually gotten less and less. I would have lost my job if I took any anti d.s, or any drug like that.

Probably a good thing. Forced me to deal w life, drug free. Otherwise, it is changing from one addiction (booze), to another (anti d.s). Right?

I understand people need anti d.s. I feels Dr. Are very quick to offer them to folks at the first sign of issues. They do work (?), but most seem highly addictive and alter the brain in ways we are trying to avoid. Right?

Weaning is tough, but I basically did it (binging). But, it can be done.

It is uncomfortable, but I found nobody really cares if we are uncomfortable. They think we are irritated or angry. It gets better every single second. It is miniscule, but the better adds up and adds up.

We are all different, and if my situation were different, there is a chance I would be full up on anti d.s right now. I have an addictive personality.

So, hang in there. Easy does it. Be proud of your progress. Know it gets better every day. Waking up sober and clean is the only way to go through life.

Never go back. Alcohol is a prison. Sobriety is freedom.

When I crave I think of the next day after effects:

high blood pressure, sleep issues, strength loss, immune system compromise (sick).

BpSSS. My mantra.

Studied "alcohol kindling" and "alcohol PAWS."

Last intoxication: 8 May 15.
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