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Originally Posted by CodeJob View Post
Garbage? ah Hammer, here you go again hinting that my insides are somehow negative or bad. But many of my bad shortcomings are good but taken too far. Many of my shortcomings have to do with not accepting my intrinsic self worth.
hahahahaha ahhhhh.

Naw. That was just all the better sense that *WE* had to use for the thing.

Yunno what they say -- "we see the world as WE are -- not as it is."

Our God Box was the dump for Mrs. Hammer's Lies after Rehab. But they did seem to compost and compose into larger and larger ones.

Despite these issues, I've worked hard, kept a pretty tight dance card, and have had a lot of blessings in my life. I do not see myself as garbage - even my shortcomings.
Oh, I am betting you are on Santa Claus' Nice List.

For me -- you are an Angel on the Christmas (or is that Happy Holiday ) Tree.

I just am willingly on the path. I pull the slips out, meditate and live each day. My HP decides what is going to get reined in, let go or acknowledged. Spiritually I'm where I am supposed to be.

Yep. EVERYTHING is right where it should be right now.

The Alananny Angels have still never lied to me.
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