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Willpower is over rated, and personally, my idea of hell. Any attempts of cutting back drinking didn't work for me. Well sure, I had nights where it wasn't a complete disaster, and nights where I didn't drink much, but that was usually cos I was so sick from the night before, which technically is a con. Truthfully I can count the number of times I only had a few drinks on my hands. I also had nights out coming up when I was trying to cut down/quit. Because I had already convinced myself that it would be hard not to drink and I would probably end up drinking, I did. I also thought, well if I am going to end up drinking that night what's the point in quitting now... So I just carried on drinking every night. When I finally did quit I had a few social events which I managed to get through sober. It was tough but I did it. Then I thought stuff this and didn't go out for a good few months so I could concentrate on my sobriety. Life isn't all about those odd nights out. Now they don't bother me and I could happily go on holiday for weeks sober. But I had to work on myself for a long time first. I am afraid there is no quick fix. There are choices, you can quit forever and end the hell of trying to control your drinking, or you can try controlled drinking and have to keep tabs on every little thing you drink and use that willpower you speak of. Personally this ended up with me thinking about alcohol way too much, and it never worked for me anyway. Look into something called AVRT (rational recovery). That explained my ambivalence towards alcohol very well and helped me make that choice... Good luck whatever you do x
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