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I know what you mean. I visited attorney today for the first time too. $5k retainer off the bat. Like a single working mother has that easily available! I feel like I will never be able to pay that. Ugh. I really understand why people lose it during these custody issues. Next kidnapping you see will be I AM THIRD escaping w DD6 because she cant stand the quacking!!!

So finally I just took a deep breath and realized I can only do so much. Dont overwhelm yourself, just make the best decisions you can under the circumstances you have. The process sucks I know. Right now cuz separated AH and I have no formal order in place he can pull out DD6 out of school and keep her all weekend if he wanted to. I have anxiety about that and then I just take a deep breath and breathe!!! Do not put the world on your shoulders as us codies tend to. I have had to put myself in check many times today.

We support you. Keep coming on here through your battle!!
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