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Hola all you good ppl, just touching base here. Day 3 for me.

You guys really are keeping me sober right now, if I wasn’t connected here, I would be at the bottle shop, but I know how that ends and I want more from this life than hazy memories and hangovers.

Hey Avice
It’s appreciated that you recognise that while life as tiger wearing a checkered shirt is usually a riot, emotions can truly be a hard one to face up to sometimes eh.

Sorry to hear you had a tough start to the day and good luck with the gym later. I regret going to the gym said no one, ever. Also before I forget, thank you for sharing all these links. They’re fantastic.

Hi nmd,
I understand when you say that this is much harder than you'd ever imagined, we’re here if you need to talk / vent. We’re all in this together.

Hang in there! Sending good vibes your way.

SobrioVida - Hola & welcome, great mob of supportive people (and tigers) here.

"After that I was losing my mind for a bit and ate two full dinners, snacks, and a bag of candy. I felt panicky. Hanging by a thread”

You don’t know how much that meant to me to read. I have been the same, questioning my sanity & on the verge of panic, it’s so comforting (don’t mean to sound sadistic) to know that other people are going thru something comparable. For me there’s been an impending sense of doom hanging over my head that has been growing, I find quite overwhelming at times. I know it’s all in my head and is some sort of physiological stress reaction but it feels as real a cold shower.

My mantra for the day; This too, shall pass.
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