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Originally Posted by Pretend3r View Post
Tired, little one just constantly whiny and defiant. Work asking way too much every day. Not sure how much more I can take. Air conditioning seems to be broken / leaking through my laundry room ceiling. Not a good time for this, I'm scraping up money to buy a plane ticket for friends destination wedding in Mexico that i really should be using the money to get a divorce (plus i will have alcohol shoved in my face the whole time I'm there). Just soooo tired of it all. If she wasn't the closest friend I've got I wouldn't go at all. I'm lying in bed trying to relax. Congrats to all those with sober days and welcome to those just joining. Sorry I'm the Debbie downer, sober debbie downer though! Cup half full, lol.
Sorry you're having a rough day, Pretend3r. Seems like you're under a great deal of pressure. I hope you are kind, gentle, and patient with yourself and do what is best for you.
I can understand what you're going through being in a broken marriage, I am right there with you. I don't know your specific situation, but I feel for you all the same. Some people here at SR advised me that there is no need to rush into my getting a divorce and it may be best to focus on myself and getting better instead. That was the best thing I could hear, because I think it's just too much for me to take it on all at once. So we remain separated and that's okay for now.
Hope you feel better.

Originally Posted by safeandsound View Post
I got a second wind after work, but also that nagging thought that a drink sure would be nice after I put in all that effort! To make it worse, after I got home my husband texted to see if I wanted to come play pool at the bar with our friends. I was angry at him for being able to drink and felt excluded, but I didn't go. After that I was losing my mind for a bit and ate two full dinners, snacks, and a bag of candy. I felt panicky. Hanging by a thread. Then I made some chamomile tea, hoping it would calm me down, and have been on SR since then, reading tons of threads in the Newcomers section. The Gratitude List helped a lot because I'm already grateful for some things in only 3 days and needed reminding. But I also liked reading the stories of where people came from and the people who are struggling. Such great support. It really helped.

So now I don't feel happy or relaxed, and I'm WAY TOO FULL of food and tea, but I am so grateful I didn't drink.
Way to go!! Very happy for you, because it is sooo tough when family doesn't understand and isn't considerate of your efforts, but you made it through day 3! It does get easier. Does your hubby know you are looking into recovery?

SobrioVida - Welcome to the group!

danyyea - Glad to see you are hanging in there.

It seems like a lot of us are having some faulty moods.

Here is a link about Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome: P.A.W.S. | What…Me Sober?

I thought this guy broke it down pretty well and offered some helpful suggestions on how to combat it.

Goodnight all.
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