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i always drank till it knocked me down. I will say the higher the alcohol content the faster i got there but the more punishing the blow seemed to be. The lower the alcohol the slower the delivery I suppost but I just kept it going. I guess some nights the lateness of the hour + the amt of drinks I had did me in. Other nights just the amount of booze I had was enough to do me in regardless of the hour and sometimes Since the night was still young yet i was rather far gone I'd simple puke and suddenly i was able to drink some more. In any case how it was packaged was really irrelevant to me other then It helped me fool myself. Ya know oh i'll get just 2 of these there only 12% and a 12 pack of that then i'll drink less ...... yeah never happened.

It does however make you wonder if they have alcholics on there marketing team doing there dirty work on ways to market this stuff to us drunks to help us fool ourselves and keep us coming.

I sometimes wonder how the owners of some of these beer places deal with selling so much booze to people day in and day out who are clearly alcoholics but of course they'd gt there booze either way.
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