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Helping A Friend

I have a friend coming home from rehab on Sunday. I have 3 solid and grateful years of sobriety under my feel which means I am still a toddler lol I connect with women's groups, church etc... He is a male, a lot older than me, in his 60's retired Navy harley driving fun old man. I know my road is not his and that he has to find his own way when he comes home. I am married with children and I want to be there for him and so does my family but I also know that we can't become him whole support system. Did I mention he lived next door lol I am looking for some men's groups or something to offer to him and point him in the right direction. I am committed to praying for him, sharing a cup of coffee but he needs to get plugged in and the facility he is coming out of in 8 hours away so they are just letting him go but it's not like he has that place to return for meetings and support. Anyway...just venting and asking for prayers as he makes his way home and begins his own journey to the blessings and promises sober life has to offer!
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